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Medical Gas Services

Tricoast Medical Maintenance has installed medical gas pipework and conducted medical gas maintenance services for customers all over NSW working with many Hospitals, Medical Centres, Dental Surgeries, laboratories, and many more. We have operated for over 12 years, servicing the whole of NSW including all country areas.

Medical Gas Industry

The Medical gas industry is now highly regulated, and as of the 1st of October 2022, Medical

Maintenance work can only to be carried out by a Company holding a Medical Gas License,

and Licensed Medical Gas Contractors.


Tricoast Medical Maintenance holds all necessary licensing and accreditation and has Nominated Site Supervisors to oversee and sign off every activity.

This includes all compliance with Fair Trading reporting requirements.   

With over 35years experience in the medical gas industry combined we pride ourselves on

excellent customer service, knowledge, and expertise, we have a vast array of preventative

maintenance and service options.

Tricoast will ensure that the essential maintenance of your existing medical gas systems and

associated equipment continues to be carried out to the highest quality and meets all the

new regulatory standards. All reports will be lodged with the appropriate governing body to

ensure full compliance.

Services include the testing, servicing and commissioning of:

Summary of Services

Medical Gas Outlets  

Tricoast Medical's 12-month maintenance program inspects medical gas outlets for flow, pressure and indexing. 

Terminal units are frequently used by nursing staff and can be prone to damage and failure, and regular maintenance helps to ensure their working as required. 

Medical Gas Manifolds  

Tricoast Medical's maintenance program includes leak testing, calibration, and checking of contents gauges, pressure gauges, safety valves, manifold connections, pipe work, and fittings. Manifolds are reconditioned or exchanged every 12 months in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations to prevent common faults such as leakage of stand-by or duty cylinder banks, regulator faults, or line restrictions, we also test and balance them every 6 months.  

Medical Gas Alarms  

Tricoast Medical tests and adjusts medical gas alarms at 12-month intervals, simulating alarm conditions to ensure that alerts are raised in the correct circumstance. This helps to identify and rectify any wiring issues, incorrect message displays, or lack of linkage to essential repeater systems, ensuring proper functioning of the warning systems. 

Isolation Valve Boxes 

Tricoast Medical conducts checks on zone isolation boxes at 12-month intervals to ensure proper operation, damage, unacceptable wear and tear, or unauthorised modifications. This is critical for hospital emergencies and shutdowns to maintain the ability to isolate hospital areas as needed. 

Breathing Air Testing  

Tricoast Medical can complete an air purity Test 

Collecting  samples from selected terminal units remote from the source of supply for breathing air. If contamination is found, corrective action is taken, and tests are conducted at three-month intervals until two consecutive tests have passed AS2568 requirements. 

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